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你吃货吗?? 历史迷? 运动员?
Hocking Hills has an adventure for every personality!

Home to some of Ohio's most breathtaking cliffs, waterfalls, caves and gorges, Hocking Hills offers a variety of activities for nature-lovers, foodies, history buffs, and more!

Below you can find just a few of the awesome things that there are to do in the area. Find a full list of events, activities and more at the Official Hocking Hills Travel Website.




Hockhocking Adena 自行车专用道路 is an enticing attraction to people of the southeastern Ohio community, especially the students of Hocking College. Beginning and ending directly on campus, the 19-mile paved path provides an easily accessible outlet for students, faculty and staff to exercise and explore.

访问ors not only enjoy the path's flourishing nature and wildlife scene, but many are fascinated by the area's ancient origin. 的 rich history of the path is embedded in its name. “Hockhocking," which means "bottleneck" or "twisted," was the native Indian name for the Hocking River; and Adena reflects the history of the Adena Indians who lived in the Hocking Valley more than 2,1000年前.

Hockhocking Adena 自行车专用道路 Safety Tips and Guidelines
  • 靠右行驶.
  • Pass on the left - slow down and call out before passing.
  • Use caution at all intersections and obey all traffic signs.
  • Wear brightly colored clothes to alert motorists and hunters.
  • Respect private property and do not trespass.
  • Keep dogs leashed and curbed.
  • Carry out what you carry in.
  • Leave plants and flowers intact.



的re are many ways to explore the history, nature and culture of southeastern Ohio, but none quite as unique as a vintage train ride with the Hocking Valley 过山车.

服务超过30人,每年有1000名游客, the 1920s-built railroad currently operates in 纳尔逊维尔 between Logan and Athens.

沿着这条路线, the trains make stops for passengers to view local attractions, 包括水渠, company towns and pioneer villages dating back to the 1800s.

Rides are also offered with different themes, such as Robbery Trains and Ride for a Cure Trains, as well as for different seasons and holidays like Halloween, 圣诞节, 新年, Fourth of July and more.

了解更多 about student life at Hocking College here.




的 pioneer days of southeastern Ohio are reignited with a visit to 罗宾斯穿越, a completely restored 1850s-era village located on 十大网赌网站大全 campus.

十大网赌网站大全 Parks and Museum Education students and community volunteers dress in period costumes and share historical information to help recreate the past and show tourists the 19th century way of life.

访问ors can tour the town's old buildings and blacksmith shops, 让蜡烛, 探索礼品店, spin yarn and cook on a wood-burning stove.


Find all of your outdoor needs at ROCKY品牌店, located in downtown 纳尔逊维尔.

In 1932, the founding brothers moved from Columbus to 纳尔逊维尔, where they began their journey making shoes.

直到今天, ROCKY Brand continues to be a world leader who designs, 发展, manufactures and markets premium quality, 崎岖的户外, 工作, 西方, Duty and 军事 footwear as well as Outdoor and 工作 apparel and accessories.






斯图亚特歌剧院 is the cornerstone of the 纳尔逊维尔 历史艺术区. 

经过精心修复的 剧院 that reflects its glory days in 1879 through 1924, 斯图亚特歌剧院 now hosts more than 75 events a year and is Southeastern Ohio's favorite place to experience live performance.

Stuart's is dedicated to its role as a regional leader in the arts community, a center for public expression, and an economic development partner for Southeastern Ohio.


Looking for a Fantastic Place

Look no further than Rhapsody!

Located in the beautiful and historic 纳尔逊维尔 Public Square, Rhapsody 提供c创造性烹饪 gives a fresh flavor to old favorites on the Appalachian farm-to-table menu.

Rhapsody offers a full bar, an extensive wine selection, and live music most Friday and Saturday evenings. Almost all food is sourced locally.

Rhapsody is run by the Hospitality & Culinary Professionals of Tomorrow from Hocking College and by Certified Master Chef, 阿方索Constrisciani.

Come see what all the buzz is about — you won't regret it!




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